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Griffin Releases iVault Aluminum iPod shuffle Case - Accessories, Portable Audio / Video

Griffin Releases iVault Aluminum iPod shuffle Case

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  • Id rather buy a new shuffle than cough up money for a case.

    posted by: albundyhere · 7/1/05

  • ^^get a cruzer titanium. the USB port slides in, and the case is aluminum. mine was run over (long story), and hardly a scracthc on it.

    nice and durable!

    posted by: benplaut · 7/2/05

  • Sweet.  That’s awesome - I’m very clumsy (duh, obviously, since I spilled wine in my freakin’ powerbook) and need my tech to be as high-impact (literally, not like fruity “high impact” art school crap) as possible 😉

    posted by: Kristin Wenzel · 7/3/05

  • looks pretty slick. I bought one 😊. I don’t mind the open USB or the need to use the usb extension since shuffles don’t need to be recharged very often and the only place I add songs is at home.

    I checked out another competitors case (talked about in the ipodlounge link) and it was pretty decent as well but it didn’t look as “professionaly crafted” as this one though it did have a couple positive points.

    Yu c

    posted by: Scilynt · 7/3/05