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Windows 7 Misc screenshot 4 - Windows 7 Screenshots

Windows 7 Misc screenshot 4

This one kind of reminds me of the XO operating system layout.

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Windows 7 Misc screenshot 3 Windows 7 Misc screenshot 5



  • Is it me or does Windows 7 show off huge icons, shown in most of the screenshots?

    posted by: BoogerJay · 6/1/08

  • why do you want huge back and forward icons on your desktop

    posted by: acid2k1 · 6/2/08

  • Yeah, the arrows don’t look very good.

    posted by: Crater · 6/3/08

  • ok that layout looks a little confusing maybe because i havent ever seen a layout look like that before. I like the backgroud though looks almost real

    posted by: littlebull · 6/3/08

  • That seems like the most inefficient design that I have seen out of this entire gallery… why would that design make any sense??  The start menu is in the upper left corner of the screen, and yet you have a Mac OS X dock-like thing at the bottom which you rotate through in a counter-clockwise or clockwise fashion.  On top of that, it looks like you have “quick launch” icons on either side of that dock-like thing.  So much confusion!

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/5/08

  • Everything is way too cluttered on the bottom middle of the screen. Space some of it out a bit and get rid of the forward and back buttons then it might look pretty good.

    posted by: SmileyXX · 6/11/08

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