On Gear Live: Apple Changes the Mac Forever, iOS 14, and more w/ Guest Mark Gurman!

Gear Live Turns One Year Old! - Announcements

Gear Live Turns One Year Old!

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  • Happy Freakin’ Birfday!
    Congrats on one year, here’s to many more!

    Favorite article was definitely the “10 reasons the PSP will suck”. It made me wait to buy it. Still haven’t bought it, but I may in the future… when someone figures out how to hack the games that is…

    posted by: illwon · 6/15/05

  • Happy Birthday, Gear Live! I absolutely love that cake! My personal favourite article was the Oto-Hime (Sound Princess) article. I never knew the extent of Japanese pride before that article.

    I remember I even liked the article so much that I helped the author of the article polish it up a bit =)

    Again, happy birthday, and many more to come!

    posted by: Andreux · 6/15/05

  • Hooray for Gearlive!

    My favorite article was the one where Gratis was proven legit. That brought lots of traffic to the site and started the free stuff madness. Good stuff.

    posted by: .Chris · 6/15/05

  • My favorite article is the debate about the 1 button mouse that comes stock with MACS. I found it interesting that people actually perfer 1 button mouse then a 2 button mouse for macs.

    posted by: snak3y3z1001 · 6/16/05

  • MY favorite article was “The Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Sony’s PSP”

    Because back then the fever of the psp was too high and every1 was interested on info about the psp

    Happy b day GearLive

    posted by: Haxxxess · 6/16/05

  • Congrats! and happy d-day!!!

    I usually read every article, or at least skim them all, but if I had to pick a favorite I would probably choose the “Why Sony’s PSP Will Suck” one. Not because I thought the psp would suck, though I agreed with a lot of the negative points but mostly because it was funny following the discussions in the comments. Poeple reacted so silly and got so defensive/aggressive and were a little too pationate. Just good reading heheh.

    But I also really liked the “trackable panties” article heheh.

    And of course all the prize giveaway articles lol.

    posted by: Scilynt · 6/16/05

  • My favorite is the one where you showed the free ipod you got. It got me into free sites and it was also the first time I saw gear live

    posted by: Reeb · 6/18/05