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Netflix Stock Plummets

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  • I can’t stand Blockbuster. They rape you over the smallest things. Like of course being late. They had creditors chase me down over a two day late fee that wasn’t payed. They threatened to mark my credit rating over a couple of bucks. Threatening customers is not a good way to keep them coming back. My favorite movie rental store Hollywood Video has closed down in our neighborhood. They at least were a little more forgiving to their customers in regards to late fees. Since Hollywood Video closed its doors in out neighborhood we have decided to get all of our movie rentals from Net Flicks. With my sour history from Blockbuster, and their credit chasing freaks I desperately hope that Net Flicks stands tall through this assault from Blockbuster. I can’t stand Blockbuster. Maybe they should change their name to ballbusters.

    posted by: Tray D · 7/25/07

  • You can’t argue with the convenience Blockbuster offers, but their selection still leaves much to be desired.  If I need a specific film, especially a new release, I find I’ll spend more time and energy trying to obtain it from Blockbuster (either in-store or online) than I do just waiting patiently for the mail and Netflix.

    Not only that, but Blockbuster’s Blu Ray loyalty has excluded thousands (including myself) from the convenience of renting HD in-store.

    Once the novelty and brand leverage wear off, Blockbuster will no longer be a threat.

    posted by: Johnny Mercedes · 7/25/07