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It’s Tiger Day - The New Mac OS Launches - PC / Laptop, Software

It’s Tiger Day - The New Mac OS Launches

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  • I got my copy 25 minutes ago via Fedex.  It’s installing now.

    posted by: TheMetsAreBad · 4/29/05

  • I was thinking about getting this but the only thing I really want is widgets…I think they would be fun for about 30 mins and that would be it.

    posted by: munkyxtc · 4/29/05

  • oh, I thought this came out a few days ago….heheh 😉.

    I don’t even think I am going to install it right now. My mac mini still has the default 256k memory and it probably wouldn’t like this much heheh.

    posted by: Scilynt · 4/29/05

  • yeah it is the default config for the mac minis. Every review that I have read about the mac minis points out that that is just not enough memory to make it run smooth. No idea why apple would not just make it have 512 default to make it more stable and quick.

    oh well, not like it is that much to get some more memory heheh 😉.

    posted by: Scilynt · 5/1/05