On Gear Live: Mysterious new Hydrogen One smartphone from Red and getting hyped for Tesla Model 3 - Geared Up!

Google Users Beware - Internet

Google Users Beware

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  • LOL! haha! precision is everything.

    posted by: albundyhere · 4/27/05

  • That’s why I use the built-in search function in Firefox. Search Google without actually going to the site 😊

    posted by: sebring · 4/28/05

  • or just get a distro…

    posted by: benplaut · 4/28/05

  • damnit. You know posting the url makes me really want to go there to see. Grrr, gotta resisit the temptation, gotta resist…

    posted by: Scilynt · 4/29/05

  • ^^I went to it (what’ve i got to lose?), but they already brought down the site :lol:

    posted by: benplaut · 4/29/05