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Sony PSP vs. Nintendo DS

Sony PSP vs. Nintendo DS

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  • when it comes down to it, its the games that will determine who wins. DUH!!! Then comes screen size. Features come last.

    The end.

    posted by: albundyhere · 4/1/05

  • Then it also depends on what you want to give your 7 year old child…a PSP with trigger happy games where your child can learn about the wonderful arsenal that they can use in school, or Mario on DS.

    posted by: albundyhere · 4/2/05

  • PSP not only because of features, but also because the games are so much better.

    posted by: Bootes · 4/3/05

  • Ok this must have been posted on some DS forum saying go! protect the DS!

    Anyways I love Nintendo, but the DS just isn’t right for me. The game selection is horrible.  The DS has been out for months and there’s hardly any games.

    About battery life, the PSP is fine for me.  It lasts for about 2 days for me.  No I’m not playing constantly, but who does?

    posted by: Bootes · 4/20/05

  • I don’t know WTF you’re talking about.  I have a PSP, I love it.  I like Macs, I hate Disney.  I hate PCs, I like Fox.

    I don’t know where you’re coming up with this, if anything the PSP would be for people that like Macs, because it has style.
    DS with Disney because many people consider nintendo to be “kiddy”
    And Fox doesn’t really have anything to do with any of this at all.

    *note I do like Nintendo, I just don’t think the DS has the power of the games that would make it worthwhile.

    posted by: Bootes · 4/24/05

  • I’m not going to try and type in french, I’m way to bad at french…..

    Anyways I think the Nyko Charger Case will be great, because it includes a battery to charge the PSP.  It will be coming out in May.

    posted by: Bootes · 4/29/05

  • Ok Will you guys just shut up already.  I’ve recieved enough emails about this post with the same people going back and forth saying the same things.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Neither of the handhelds have been out long enough to really say which will be better in the end.

    I have nothing but love for Nintendo, however I think the PSP beats the DS.  I hope Nintendo does better on the next Gameboy.

    However, many feel that the DS is better.  In the end it doesn’t matter.  Buy whichever system you feel is better,  (Or both and get the best of both worlds) and stop coming here and saying the same stuff over and over.

    Anyone who continuosly comes and posts in a thread saying DS sucks, PSP sucks, you suck, I punched someone for having a DS/PSP is going to be ignored by anyone who is trying to decide which to buy.  On’y intelligent posts where the person actually gives specific reasons for their feelings will be considered.  Such as I feel that the DS is better because the screne is better protected from scratches because of it folding to protect the screen, or I feel the PSP is better because it is capable of much better graphics, and I can’t stand to play games with bad graphics after playing whatever games that have amazing graphics.

    posted by: Bootes · 5/15/05

  • I want a PSP…...

    posted by: C Flo · 10/28/05

  • They PSP is better all around. Than the DS. The DS as the best games so far. But the PSP is getting ready to start getting more good games like the GTA: Liberty Stories and more. You can listen to music and watch movies. Access the Internet. That why it much better than the DS. But I’m hoping Microsoft well show of a handheld at E306. Just maybe.

    posted by: Sandman100 · 11/15/05

  • The ds doesn’t breack as easily as the psp, you see the psp has a camera at one side and the screen on the other so either way it gets broke. :coolmad:

    posted by: vexx · 12/1/05

  • PSP is the winner

    posted by: chirurgia · 12/12/05

  • Guys,

    This page is getting too long. Why don’t you take this to the Gear Live forums? They were put up for discussions like this. Here is the link:



    posted by: Andru Edwards · 1/24/06