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iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware: Google Maps Locate Me Feature

iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware: Google Maps Locate Me Feature By hitting the button on the bottom left on the , Google Maps will pinpoint your location.

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  • I love how it says it can “pinpoint” your location but only shows a circle with like a 2 mile radius.

    LO freackin’ L

    posted by: Jesse · 12/30/07

  • Let’s hope the Federales can only track us that well. wink

    posted by: Chris · 12/30/07

  • You can zoom in dope. It continually amazes me how people so easily miss the point completely.

    Think about it for one second. It is much more disorienting if you start very close in and zoom out than having a wider establishing shot and the ability to zoom in.

    I’m glad you don’t design these things dude.

    posted by: Richard Prince · 12/31/07

  • Uhh Richard. Your logic doesn’t make any sense. What does zooming have to do with anything. If all google maps gives you is a circle, zooming in actually will take away the circle. Apparently triangulation is not that acuarate for whatever reasons. A single flag would be best instead of a circle. I agree with the first posts, this feature could be better.

    posted by: mark · 1/1/08

  • Yeah it is kind of funny how stupid some people can be. The feds can find your ass anyway just because you have a phone and a computer. THINK PLZ

    posted by: Rick · 1/1/08

  • i does not matter if it is good at least we have a gps for the iphone, it is better then nothing.  but it could be better!

    posted by: evan · 1/2/08

  • Sorry, guys, but calling this GPS is off the mark. The triangulation from the location of the cell towers is not accurate enough to use with an in-car navigation system or even for walking directions. It just gives you an idea of where you are to within about a mile. To be fair, with the hardware available, this is better that nothing, and I like the feature because it is cool. But it isn’t all that useful for most purposes. The iPhone really needs GPS support.

    posted by: Remon · 1/2/08

  • Hi, some people think this is kinda photoshop, why don’t you post a video on youtube… showing your iphone 1.1.3 and prooving all us wrong. Cause right now I think this is all fake. I wish it was true. Please show us some more evidence

    posted by: llams · 1/3/08

  • Well it does not take a genus to figure out how this works!!! Obviously if you are looking for directions and using your phone you would stop your car and see what street you’re on! The circle would be there to further help you in trying to get you to where you are suppose to go!! So yes I see it as a GPS because with the circle and a street number I would know exactly where I am!!

    posted by: RGUTIERREZ · 1/4/08

  • Explains here how MyLocation works. if we get a hardware GPS on our iPhone, we will get a pin point location, otherwise a circle.


    posted by: boot · 1/5/08

  • the other day I needed to send a google map location to another person, and didn’t have an option.  Not even when I bookmarked it and even worse, when I made it a contact in my address book.  I’ve been able to shoot my personal info as well as other people’s info 3 cellphones ago!!  what’s up with this feature??

    posted by: rcavenecia · 1/8/08

  • Can the iphone with this upgrade tell you your direction like other GPS? Are there any softwares that can make iphone becomes a full feature GPS?

    Somebody must thought of this long time ago… >_>

    posted by: OozeMac · 1/14/08

  • My BB Curve (the first version) got stolen and I still have the Bluetooth GPS module that the BB was compatible with. I tried to use it with my iPhone and it disappoints me that the iPhone lacks the capability to pick up a set of coordinates from a BT-GPS and use it in Google Maps. Apple obviously knows that we want GPS because they now let us triangulate ourselves. Why not stay on top of the market and add full GPS functionality?

    posted by: Stephen · 1/16/08

  • Without having to fit a GPS receiver into my iPhone, Apple did ok and I think this new location feature is nice at the price.  Given that I know what to expect, that is it is about a half mile or so accurate. On that point, most people will try it out in a known location like their kitchen table…and go from there to get a feel for the accuracy.

    Some Location testing:

    Test 1: Inside at my kitchen table.
    20 ft. away from a window, the blue circle appears, with the edge about 1/2 mile away. I do not have a GPS but understand that it does not usually work at all indoors, while cellular does to some extent, so this could point out a plus for the iPhone triangulation method vs. GPS.  Does anyone have any other experience with this?

    Test 2: Inside, next to a window.
    Same results as test 1.

    Test 3: Outside. My actual location was within the circle, with the center of the circle was 2/10 of a mile away, just in vision.

    Test 4: In my car. 
    Same result as test 3.

    Test 5: Driving around and checking.
    Typically within the circle.

    Would GPS accuracy to a few feet in accuracy in the iPhone be nice?  For sure-and being able to interface a GPS seems like a reasonable expectation. 
    Could I download GPS easily and for no added price via iTunes? No. 
    On balance I am happy, but not delighted like I usually am with iPhone.

    posted by: GB · 1/20/08

  • About the only advantage to this triangulation feature is that it works indoors.  So I guess if you were led somewhere blind-folded and stuffed into a closet—and still had your iphone, you might give your location within a mile.  Hmmm, how many closets might exist within a mile radius.

    Not too useful…...

    posted by: Robert · 1/20/08

  • Why not GPS???? So close to the perfect phone. One must wonder how this benefits Apple because it doesn’t help us…..

    posted by: Stevens · 1/28/08

  • I think the LocateMe Software I have on my iPhone is better than this!

    posted by: Maurizio · 2/3/08

  • Hi,

    Is this software available for Windows Moblie Pocket Pc with the locate me feature? If yes kindly send me the link..

    Thank you

    posted by: Naheed · 3/19/08

  • cool update lol

    posted by: acid2k1 · 6/3/08

  • See you…Thanks, its great to receive such positive comments.

    posted by: Chrysostomos · 7/3/08

  • Guys, the new Iphone has GPS, mine pinpoints me exactly where i am… ALWAYS blue circle appears only when i am indoors, but you arent driving your car trying to get directions indoors so there is no problem there.

    posted by: JC · 8/13/08

  • As i was driving in my car ( in motion) i turned on the maps function…and it gave me a blue blip on the screen that was very specific as to where i was and what direction i was moving in…so i suppose you have to be mobile in order for it to be more specific…...

    posted by: Giovanna Aiello · 10/3/08

  • OK…this is great if you don’t have a Garmin and are clueless at guessing your actual position within one mile. Gotta be quite drunk for that.

    The real question here is: Can you input another person’s cell number through software trickery and see where the hell they are while their phone is on? This is when technology starts to be a real pain. Not all users are enthused kids who love knowing where everybody is. Some people actually have a job and a spouses and…who the heck wants them people to know where we are at all times just by punching in a cell number?


    posted by: dan steel · 2/10/11

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  • It’s really handy, because Google quickly gets your general location, then you can zoom it and see your exact location fast.

    This looks like a great gps tracking app that’s going to do exactly what it was intended to do and help you find where you are, relative to where you need to go.

    Freakin Awesome!

    posted by: Lloyd · 4/13/17

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  • Google can find anybody location. Google is the top dog of the world now.

    posted by: Lee Woo · 4/24/17

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