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Enjoy A Tasty Woot Off

Enjoy A Tasty Woot Off

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  • wasn’t impressed with this woot off…and I guess still a little bitter because of the crappy server problems and loss of a BOC.

    Here are some other ok “deal a day” type sites for those into this stuff:

    http://www.midnightbox.com  (general/gadgets/electronics)
    http://www.onedealoneday.com (seems mostly home furnishing type things)
    http://www.silverjewelryclub.com (now changes every 15 minutes)
    http://www.goingtoday.com (seems to mostly be music related goods)

    But of course Woot is the first one I check lol.

    posted by: Scilynt · 11/19/05

  • Yeah, I was pretty upset as well.
    And I lost my BOC as well to server problems.

    posted by: Chris Cardinal · 11/19/05