Gateway Laptop Battery - Where To Purchase?
Posted: 15 December 2004 10:09 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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I am looking for some advice. I recently purchased a Gateway Solo Pro 9300 laptop on e-bay,
and the battery that it came with does not work (I was fully aware of this before I recieved the laptop)
- and I am looking to replace the battery. I’m just wondering if anyone has any place that they would recommend purchasing a replacement battery from?

I’ve looked around a little bit online, and have found the battery anywhere from $119 to $230. Would you recommend buying a battery off of e-bay, or no?

The Gateway Solo 9300 uses an 11.1v, 6400mAh Li-Ion battery pack, model #6500358.

There is a website ( that refills old batteries; however, I believe that the battery I have now is completely dead. The way that the website works is that you send in your battery, and they replace (or refill?) the battery cells.
There is a note that says that if the battery is dead, and they can not refill it, they will send it back to me (with a refund of the full price; $89) minus a $15 shipping & handling fee.