Check this vampire movie ya?
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Vlad? Is it new? I will watch any vampire movie that comes out. I am a huge vampire fan. I absolutely loved the Underworld movies. Interview with the Vampire was okay, but Queen of the Damned was dreadful. Since you work for the movie industry have you heard if any studio plans on making The Vampire Lestat?

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I dunno about this one…Vampire movies usually make me laugh more than anything…I might give it a go but I wont lose any sleep over it if I miss it. What would you say was the best vamp movie that you’ve seen and why?

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I love horror movies, so I’d consider checking this one out. I thought The Lost Boys was good, and also the first Blade movie. A lot of vampire movies are total crap. I used to love the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movies not so much.

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When I was a little kid I remember that on Saturday afternoons either Fox or the WB (which back in my day were niether network like they are now) would show all these classic vampire flicks. I remember this one called Blood of Dracula(b/w 1957) which was about a sorority girl turned into a vampire by some headmistress. Then she goes on the blood-sucking spree at her campus. Totally worth a rental, lots of popcorn, and coke on a Saturday night.

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