Best HTiB?
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A friend of mine is looking for a simple home theater system.
I looked around and saw good things about the Onkyo HTS-770.

What are your opinions?
What about a less bulky system?  Any recommendations?
I’d like to find a small simple system, loud enough for a medium sized room, built in tuner, and small good sounding speakers.

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i was interested in buying one of those onkyo sound systems a few months ago, i think its real similar to that one, but i think it was the 650 or something. My opinion after listening to them: Great for movies. If you plan on doing anything else with them, such as hooking your computer up to it and playing music, I’d refrain, because music doesn’t sound so great on these speakers. For the price though, its a pretty good deal, and if you look around hard enough, you can find them on the net for cheep.

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She’d be primarily using it for movies/TV and occasional radio listening.

No one has any other opinions?
I’ve got a bunch of ideas for components, but that really doesn’t fit her space/budget requirements.

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I just bought the 770 about a month ago and LOVE it….. it fills my 15x15 living room easily and to be honest…. the critics about using this system for listing to music must have super ears because I don’t hear anything wrong at all….... easily and by far the best HTIB for under $500 that I’ve heard. the only downer is the bulkiness of it…....if you pick one up, make sure you bring a van or a truck… or be prepared to take everything out of the box cause it’s the size of a small fridge.

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i have the 600 series one, and I love it. Its one of th ebetter sets you are gonna get.