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My 2 year old Game Rig:

Shuttle Case (1 PCI 1 AGP- 2 Spots for Ram)
P4 - 2.0ghz
512mb Ram (one stick)
200 gig 7200 HD
SoundBlaster Audigy w/ wirefire
Ti4800SE (soon to be AIW 9600XT when Outpost gets them in stock)
Windows XP Pro
Creative 5.1 speakers (Inspire 5200?)

My questions

1. My Audigy card has the option to output in digital.  What type of plug is that.  Right now that plug is used for the surround sound speakers (3 cables - 3 analog 1/8” stereo jacks) So the decoding is happening on the card.  I want to get a pair of ProMedia GMX D-5.1 and use the digital inputs.  Will my card and these speakers be compatible?  I basically need to know what type of digital output the card puts out.  Is it a Toslink?

2.  My next question is about those speakers.  The look good.  any other recommendations?

3.  ti4800 vs AIW 9600xt.  Even though gaming is not a primary function of my PC anymore how does the 9600xt hold up?  Will it be an upgrade in gaming performance?

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hum im guessing 9600xt but correct me if im wrong, depends though, if you need direct x 9 and if you want awsome aa/af features, if any of those are yes then go for the 9600xt

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The klipsch’s are absolutely gorgeous, I got a set of them when they came out. They are easily one of the best sets of consumer grade 5.1 computer speakers. However, I believe that they either use the orange coax cable (like a dvd player) or the optical cable. I could be wrong on that.

Also, AIW9600. That card is fantastic, and a great value.