HELP needed on some basic NFL ESPN2K5 Gameplay.
Posted: 03 September 2004 02:27 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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Alright, I admit it.  I am a complete newb to football games.  I wanted to see what kind of help I could get from you guys to improve my basic game.  These are going to be some pathetically basic questions, but here goes:


1) How do you know what defensive play to select?  Of course you want to cover deep when it’s 3rd and 10, but what about in situation beyond that?

2) Do you run out of time calling the defensive play?  If so, what play does the computer pick for you, or are you SOL?  There must be like 100 different ones, and I never know where to go, so I always end up picking Coach’s Recommendation.

3) Do you normally go for swatting the ball on a pass, or do you let the computer do all the work, and you stay with your Defensive Linemen?  I haven’t been able to figure out how to quickly change to a defender and go for the swat.

4) What are your usual defensive manuevers for your linemen?  Seems like I randomly switch from player to player and then try to get a player that’s on the line to get a sack somehow, and if they pass I go for the jump to see if I can tip.  But it’s usually a confusing mess, especially after they pass.


3) How can you tell that the play you select is a running play?  I normally see if there are any routes for my back, and if not then I’m assuming it is.

4) What do the routes marked in red stand for?  Is that the “preferred” route, or is that the only route you should be going for on the play.

5) Did it take you a while to learn the jukes?  Do you stick to the shoulder buttons, or do you use the right analog?  Do you even use them, or do you normally just run wherever there’s an opening.

Maybe mroe questions to come.  Here’s a few screenshots to keep you happy, and for answering these questions. 

Please, no “I don’t know” responses.  :|