XM Commander car install
Posted: 25 August 2004 10:53 PM     [ Ignore ]  
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Well, I got my XM Commander today, and I am quite pleased.
It was as advertised on the auction - new in box.

The install went pretty well. I took about 3 hours doing it. I took my time, being careful not to mangle stuff while routing wires, etc.

The B5 Audi A4 doesn’t offer much in the way of places to install units like this.

The included cables were all VERY long, providing ample options for install location. The “brain” of mine ended up in the trunk, with power tapped from the constant +12 that goes to the Bose amplifier connector.

The antenna is mounted on the trunk lid, with the wire following some other existing wire, off the left side, down the hinge, and in through the base of the left taillight assembly.

I’m using a Blitzsafe adapter to connect the unit directly to my stereo, rather than use the included FM Modulator, which I have heard is quite problematic.

The display unit has a permanently attached cable, with an 8 pin mini-din connector on it. The connector looks identical to the old RS-422 serial ports on early Macintosh computers. (Side note: The XM Commander is an “XM Direct” unit, which theoretically can be directly connected to some more recent head units,)

Certain aspects of this install are not complete as yet. I want to come up with a good permanent mounting location for the “brain” soon. Right now, it’s sitting in the place where my CD changer would be, if I hadn’t thrown away the CD changer when it broke. Also, the unit wants a switched power lead as well as a constant power lead. Right now, both are hooked up to constant power. Yes, I am well aware of the risks involved in doing this.

See install pictures below.