What DVD player do you recommend?
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Mines has terrible skipping and stalling problems.  It’s like 4 years old.  I don’t even need progressive scan.  Just S-Video would do fine for now, so I’m thinking it shouldn’t be more than $100 at this point.  Again the most important thing is DVD play-back stability.


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sony and pioneer are pretty good, if you wanna spend some cash.
surprisingly, stuff like apex isn’t half bad either. plus, you can hack them to be region free, which is cool. and they’re cheap, i think if you look around, you can get an apex or mintek, both hackable, that has pro scan, for under 50-60 bucks.

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[quote author=“antman22”]sony and pioneer are pretty good

Pioneer Elites are sweet but alot of money.

If progressive scan isn’t a priority for you I would recommend the Sony DVP-NS325. It has very good playback compatibility.

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i use my PS2.

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For under 100 bucks, a lot of people seem to like the Yamakawa 288


great picture for the price, though like most players in the price range its a little weak in deinterlacing. Its also multiregion.

Can be purchased at yamakawadirect, yamakawadvd, or ecost for $60

I’ve been reading about different peoples dvd player choices for a while now, as Ive been looking to upgrade to an upconverting player. You wont get the benifits of upconverting unless you own a hdtv, though, so I dont know if this pertains to you or not. Anyway, I think Ive narrowed down my choices to this little guy, the Momitsu V880, costing about $250


It’s an amazing little device. Plays just about every file format you could want, including divx / xvid, plus comes completely region free. The couple major downsides to it are that you need to buy it online, and the remote interferes with Pioneer equipment. Theres even a new model being released next month that will have network capability, so you can stream files off your computer.


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Thanks for all the great suggestions!  😊