The Advantage
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I was wondering if any of you like these guys.  From a personal stand-point I think they’re amazing.  For those of you unfamiliar with them, they do video game music covers from the good ole 8-bit nintendo days.  The beauty of it is that they take these seemingly simple songs and create masterpieces. If you get a chance to listen it’s a nostalgia trip.  Their cover of the Wizards & Warriors Intro kicks all possible ass as well as their cover of MegaMan 2’s Flashman theme.

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Holy Crap, they are amazing, they just played at Nickel City a month or so ago, and opened for Pedro the Lion and John Vanderslice.  haha It was incredible!  It was fun just trying to remember the songs in video games.

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Yeah, these guys are awesome! I read this article in the latest spin magazine about another NES cover band and they mentioned the advantage so I checked out their CD and it’s great! I was hugely into contra back in the day so it was cool hearing their versions of the contra songs.

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I’ve never heard of them…I’ll be sure to give them a whirl. I enjoy good ol nintendo covers. 😊