best flash mp3 player (with these specs)
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hey all,

I’m looking for a flash mp3 player 256 mb that works as a USB thumb drive (with no software) and has the USB connected to it (no wires needed).

does anyone have any recommendations?

and does anyone know why the Gateway DMP 310 says “coming soon” everywhere—is it a brand new product or is it just all sold out and being restocked?  And how can I find out when it will be available? 

thanks for any advice.

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How about the iRiver IFP series?   Although I think you’ll need to spend a little more than $100 to get decent storage.  If not, you’ll be swapping out the songs every night.

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I recommend iRiver for all your digital music needs

I have the iRiver iHP-120 (doing a review for GearLive) on it right now and i love it.

iRiver is without a doubt the best mp3 player out there, and will only get better with the newly introduced firmware schedule.  iriver listens to the community boards a lot.

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How about Creative Muvo? It’s light weight. I use it as a flash memory driver, and listen to music sometimes. I haven’t used it for year, and I don’t have any problem.