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I started this thread on a simple idea.  It is for people who actually have receieved a free iPod from to post their testimonial so that the rest of us have a greater understanding of the process.

Here is the whois info look up for (i was only able to get it through network solutions whois lookup )
    Domain Administrator
    Domain Administrator
    PO Box 50945
    Washington DC, DC 20091
    Phone: (202) 595-9123
    Fax..: (202) 318-0328
    Email: marketing@gratisnetwork .com


Also I ran a lookup on the Better Business Bureau’s Washington DC page:
for (202) 595-9123.
it came up with five businesses, all run by Gratis Internet.  All show good reports.

I just signed up earlier today and am interested in tracking others progress as well.

Obviously there is a thread for referral links , so it makes no sense to post them in here.


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