Has anyone played Tales of Symphonia?
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Just curious…I want to add a game to my library, and I have actually never played an RPG (aside from Pokemon Blue on the Game Boy Pocket in 1998!). Is it good?


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If you want a fairly easy but enjoyable RPG, go for Grandia 2.  You can probably find it at a basement bargain by now.

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I’ve heard good things about Tales of Symphonia. If you like tactical RPGs than I would go with Disgaea or La Pucelle Tactics. Both games have silly plots, great characters, lots of different skills and they’re just plain fantastic games.  You can always play Final Fantasy games if you like linear games but I wouldn’t recommend any of them except the ones on super nintendo and Final Fantasy 7 on PS1. 

As mentioned, Grandia 2 is pretty good. Skies of Arcadia is excellent as well.