Movie Soundtracks/Composers: Name your favorite.
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I’d have to say my favorite composers would have to be Danny Elfman (Big Fish, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Spider-Man) and Yann Tiersen (Amelie, Good Bye Lenin!)

My favorite soundtracks… probably those that I just listed, other than Spiderman…. and… Frida.

My favorite “Various Artists” soundtrack would probably have to be Kill Bill Volume 2, it’s just so… damn well selected.

Your turn. 😛

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Wes Anderson films have the best soundtracks in my opinion. He blends folk, pop, and rock beautifully with compositions from Mark Mothersbaugh.  The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack is my favorite.  I’ve heard that Anderson has songs in mind when he writes scenes and it shows.  The scenes are enhanced 10 fold by the music he selects such as the use of Nico’s cover of “These Days” when Margo Tenebaum gets off the the bus.  Mark Mothersbaugh’s minuets and orchestrations are often simple and expertly done.  Who’d have thought? He was Devo!

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