Help a guy out for his birthday! Please
Posted: 21 November 2006 02:49 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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So I looked into this site a lot last night and came to the conclusion I could receive a free ipod if I did the right site.  I think I did and after reading through all the posts I see that most people on here pretty helpful with each other.  If I could get some people to help me out I would gladly do the same for you!  I only need 5 referrals so I am not asking much.  Please help a guy out for his birthday (my birthday really is this Saturday)!  I will check this site frequently to try and help out who ever I can.  Here is my link. (All I did was sign up for a free trial through True.c+m and I received my credit a day later… no page after page survey crap)