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Good morning, everyone, and thanks for joining us for billiga uggs this morning on our call. Yesterday afternoon, we reported our first quarter results for fiscal 2013. We posted a 7.6% consolidated sales increase for the quarter, a 9.2% same store written sales comp for the La Z Boy Furniture Galleries store system and a delivered sales comp of 17% in our own company owned retail segment.We also continue to improve the performance of our retail operation, narrowing uggs rea its loss for the 14th consecutive quarter.
We justify our actions by saying to ourselves “Just one.” “Just a little bit won’t hurt”. “I’ve got to have this book” “I need that blouse” “I’ll just die if I don’t get those shoes”. The truth is that these are all lies. All of this seems like very bad news indeed. Yet here, just where despair seems like the only valid response, is where A Course in Miracles brings in the good news, news that seems too good to believe. The good news is not that we sinned but can be forgiven.