Sunscreen suits"
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In Huang Xing Road, Jiefang Road, the road and other places, the reporter saw a lot of small clothing store “protective clothing” sales, price of 30 yuan to 70 yuan,jimmy choo heels,toms women boots, ingredients are generally polyester, chemical fiber, were not labeled spf. Some stores sell the “protective clothing” label is not even. A shopkeeper told reporters: “sun clothes at the fashion,toms us,tods womens driving shoes,christian louboutin handbags,toms ethnic shoes,tods gommino, the price is not expensive, the young girl is the main consumer groups.” When a reporter asked and SPF,tods online store, the shopkeeper said don’t understand,toms stripe sale, “you know that can prevent ultraviolet ray, wear the number can be a bit role.” “Sunscreen suits” search in Taobao, there were about 800000 pieces of merchandise, some sellers even played “8.8 yuan of money panic buying” advertising.
The reason is to avoid network fraud. Recently, could face a blocked web site Taobao shopping guide website drainage is to fold 800. Fold 800 subordinate group 800 co-founder Hu Chen recently in Hangzhou and Taobao to communicate and negotiate. Taobao to “ban” said denied. Ali love ban, construct a closed business empire once again under the banner of “control the shopping experience,Chanel Wallet, to ensure the security of transactions” under the banner of banning behavior,chanel bleu, the show is Ali construct a closed electric ecological system determination. Ali is the apple to create digital consumption closed imperial ideas,jimmy choo 2013, moved to China’s electric field. Enclosed is not bad. Apple by constructing closed ecological system,jimmy choo usa,chanel purses,tods womens loafers,chanel bag, ensure that the user experience and ecological health.