Windows 7 PC can’t work after entering the password
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In 2012, Windows 7 has become the most popular operation system and owns the biggest usage share. With the release of Windows 8, some of Windows 7 users begin to consider whether they should upgrade their system to Windows 8. In my opinion, maybe we’d better take our time. The applications for Windows 8 are in short and the security performance for Windows 8 is somewhat not satisfactory. For example, you can easily find reliable Windows 7 password recovery tool when forget the password, but for Windows 8, users should think twice. Of course, there also exist some problems related to Windows 7 password. In this article, I will analyze some issues after entering Windows 7 password on your PCs. 

In most cases, your computer turns on as you expect after you have entered your password, but your PC may go wrong after you get to the Windows login screen. Maybe the screen is in sleep mode but moving the mouse or hitting a key does nothing after entering your password, or you can log in then Windows freezes and you have to reboot manually or even it reboots on its own, and sometimes the desktop never shows up after you started your Windows 7 PC. To most Windows 7 users, they haven’t any idea on it. It is indeed a troublesome thing, I want to say. Luckily, we have solutions for this problem.

There may be many possible reasons for the above-mentioned problems. You can try to solve it in these aspects:

1. The problem may lie in your BIOS (Basic Input /Output System), which may cause Windows failed to get all the way to the desktop. You only need return your BIOS settings to their factory status by clearing BIOS memory on your motherboard.

2. Check whether your Windows 7 PC is infected by malware from safe mode. Malware infection in Windows 7 may result to login failure.

3. Check whether your PC is short of battery. When the battery is running out, the operation of your PC will be greatly influenced.

4. Try to reboot your Windows 7 PC in safe mode, for all Windows needs is a clean boot sometimes.

5. It is also possible that it is because of your hard drive. A workable hard drive to read and write information is necessary to load files for Windows to start.

There is also another situation, when you have entered a definitely correct password to log in your Windows 7 PC, the system keeps telling you that your password is wrong and your can’t . What’s the reason for it?

In this condition, you should make sure that firstly you haven’t opened the Caps Lock by accident, for Windows login passwords are case-sensitive. Besides, if there is another administrator account on your Windows 7 PC, it is possible that the administrator has changed your password. It is also possible that your PC is attacked by hackers. You can also choose to reset your Windows 7 password by password reset tools, say, Anmosoft Windows Password Recovery, a reliable tool suitable for both Windows 7 password reset as well as Windows Server 2008 password recovery, and then log in with the new password.

If one day you really forgot your Windows 7 password or Windows Server 2008, you can try to visit the following website to reset: