Pinhole Spy Camera HD 720P DVR Hidden Spy Toilet Brush 16GB (Remote Control + Motion Activated)
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Pinhole Spy Camera HD 720P DVR Hidden Spy Toilet Brush 16GB (Remote Control + Motion Activated)


Toilet brush is essential for each toilet supplies, a people seemingly do not care about cleaning supplies, people are usually need the upper part of the brush to use it, but who pay attention to it over the base of the brush ? Can not be underestimated, there is a video surveillance camera inside which,itmonitors all the actions within the scope of the toilet,  so subtle and practical the toilet brush spy camera that will make your covert job done easily


The Toilet Brush(EY-PSC019) will make you easy to use for it’s a professional detective waterproof pinhole camera, hidden camera installation, there is an external remote control and motion activated camera, With an incredible 10 hours of standby life, motion detection, this recorder will prevent long-stay unit and put into action only when there is movement. Each motion detection event is stored in pieces of short files
, easy to search and download noteworthy event. the camera operation is fast and convenient, easy to record everything you want.


1.Tiny size makes it for a variety of uses.
2.Its great for use as a hidden cam, spy cam , etc.
3.Real time recording in AVI video format
4.Continute recording or motion detection recording until memory is full auto off
5.Color video with voice
6.Internal rechargeable battery
7.Internal memory:16GB
8.Playback video on PC
9.Video compression : AVI video format,1280X720 30fps
10.Voice recording: Yes
11.Internal memory: Yes
13.Video file size:5M per min.
14.Recording mode :Continute recording or motion detection recording
15.Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable
16.Battery type : Lithium-ion 2200MA
17.Record time : up to 2h for 1GB
18.Continute recording Battery use time : about 8-10 hour


1. Spy Toilet Brush camera 16GB       1pcs
2. 2.0 High Speed USB CABLE         1pcs
3. USB Charger                       1pcs
4. Remote Control                   1pcs
5. Camera Operating Manual           1pcs
6.Strong adhesive wall hooks         1pcs

What is motion detection?

The motion detection recording mode: the system will automatically detect the viewfinder screen movement, and if the screen stationary, then the system does not record, if the picture has changed (including the screen with a moving object or light shading), the system will automatically open the video, for each video, when the three-minut