Some Knowledge about How to Recover Windows Vista Password
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Windows vista, work as a powerful operating system, take much convenience to our job and life. In order to make our pc much securer, we would like to set a vista password. Ask yourself, what would you do if you forgot vista password and need to recover it? If you have no idea about this issue, read the following steps to learn how to recover windows vista password.

Part I: Burn Vista Password Reset Disk (on a computer that can access to Windows)
Firstly: Insert a blank CD or connect USB Flash Drive onto this computer. Download Vista Password Recovery, follow the wizard to install and run it.
Secondly: Choose “Reset Windows local account password”. Tick the target device you provide in step 1 and specify it on your computer.
Thirdly: Start Vista password reset disk burning by clicking on “Burn”.

Part II: Recover Windows Vista Password (on the computer you would like to reset password for)

Firstly: Insert the CD/USB on your computer and boot it from this bootable CD/USB. You will enter the main interface of this program.
Secondly: Choose the Windows installation on your PC.
Thirdly: Highlight your target user account and click on “reset”, and click “Yes” and “OK” respectively on the next two boxes.
Fourthly: Restart your computer and finish the Vista Password Recovery procedures.

Windows vista password recovery methods aren’t limited to this this option. There are still other options for you. You just find one suits you best to recover windows vista password. Good luck to you!