I Forgot Windows 7 Password to My Computer
Posted: 11 September 2012 03:36 AM     [ Ignore ]  
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I forgot Windows 7 password to my computer, and it is the only account on the computer. I do not have a reset disk and I don’t think I ever had a reset disk. I cannot use that computer at all. No I have no idea how to log on to Windows. I can’t re-install windows now because I have data in it. How can I get in?

Forgot Windows 7 password and don’t have a password reset disk? Windows has a built-in password reset feature, which allows you to reset forgotten Windows password easily. But you need to create a password reset disk before you forget Windows password. But Many people may not be aware of do the preparation, so they tend to run into the situation of forgetting Windows 7 password without reset disk.

Here we’ll discuss on how to reset Windows 7 password easily if you forgot password on Windows 7 and don’t have a password reset disk. So you can regain access to your computer without formatting or reinstalling the entire

Solution: The super Administrator account on Windows 7 is generally turned off or inactive which means you can’t access it even in safe mode. And the best solution to solving the problem listed above is to turn to 3rd party software.

If you want to get back within the Windows 7 laptop easily and instantly, my suggestion is by using Windows password recovery tool, the easiest and most efficient Windows password reset tool ever find. With this particular powerful utility, you are able to instantly bypass your lost Windows 7 password in 4 simple steps listed below.

1. Download and install Rekeysoft Windows password recovery professional in almost any accessible computer.
2. Create a bootable password reset disk having a blank CD/DVD or Usb memory card in seconds.
3. Set BIOS of the laptop as well in the bootable password rest disk.
4. Reset Windows 7 password to blank inside a few clicks.
Check the video to create a boot password reset CD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP5tX_eUZzc

After that, you computer will restart automatically, and then you can log on to your only Windows 7 account without password. It’s estimated the whole process will cost you about A few minutes, even less if you follow its user guide.

Another advice is to reformat your Windows 7 computer. You’ll lose all the data you’d before, but hey a minimum of it will be fresh, as they are laptop again. If you don’t understand how, please Look it up on Youtube videos. Be aware that a setup CD or bootable USB is needed.