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Measuring just over 6,000 square feet, this famed fashion brand’s new flagship features a sleek white facade that sets it apart from its neighbors on Robertson Boulevard, plus a kaleidoscopic design concept by Dcnnenico Dolce and Stefano Cabana. The Long Prom Dresses can show your distinguished image and the cocktail dresses can show your sweet side. D&G aficionados will enjoy strolling through the series of rooms to peruse the women’s and men’s collections, accessories, beachwear, eyewear, jewels, timepieces, and underwear.

The chic, modern interior of this 1,100-square-foot salon crew the perfect backdrop for one of the world’s finest jewelry collections. Exquisite jewels from the 19th century and Art Nouveau and Act Deco periods will no doubt lure Leighton’s stab” lashed following of collectors and connoisseurs, prominent fashion designers, celebrities, and stylists. Of the many highlights, Paul Plato’s sensational aquamarine and ruby belt necklace-which finely belonged to Mrs. Cole Porter, who later gave the necklace to Fred Astaire’s daughter, Ava-is not to be missed.

This Italian luxury watchmaker has renovated its Beverly Hills boutique to incorporate a new global design concept that pays homage to the box brand’s seafaring history. Nautically inspired interiors showed the main event-some of the most exquisite watches in the world.

After working for many years’ fashion designers, Proprietors Yael Alfaro and Chi Bui tired of deadlines, overseas production, and watered- down design. With a dream of making cute clothes that they could wear tight away, the duo opened a boutique to feature their instant and unique garment, many reconstructed from carefully selected vintage clothes. This neat new shop is all about the individualization of fashion-and with its wide range of tanks, tops, tees, dresses, and skirts, it something stylish for everyone.