Let’s Discusss on How to Reset Windows Vista Password
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“Recently I bought a used HP computer. It runs on Windows vista. In order to protect my files stored on it from being viewed by others when I stay away from the computer, I added a strong password to it. But I forgot it for some reason. How to reset password vista and login in my pc again ?”

I usually see the similar problem, in order to help these people, i will share my experience in breaking windows vista password. Follow the bellowing instructions to learn how to reset windows vista password.

Step 1: Burn Vista Password reset disk
a. To burn the bootable disk, you need to download &install;& launch Windows Vista Password Recovery on another computer which can log in to system.
b. Choose “reset Windows local account password”. Tick “CD/DVD” and choose your media device (so insert the blank CD in advance).
c. Hit “Burn” to start burning the bootable disk.
Step 2: Reset Vista Password
a. Insert this CD into the computer for which you would like to crack password for.
b. Choose the Windows installation, and select the user account.
c. Click on “Reset”, and then click on “Yes” when the indictor pops up.
d. Click “Reboot” to finish the Windows Vista password reset.

In brief, with the help of Windows vista password recovery, you can crack the lost vista password instantly. So if you happened to set a password for it, and you forget it for some reasons, you can realize Windows Vista password recovery to reset in no time. It has been proved to be the best tool to reset windows vista password.