Windows Data Recovery When Windows Won’t Boot
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Many people who haven’t learn computer professional knowledge could have a fear that have no idea how to do when the computer broke one day. Well, some problems look like very complicated, in fact, so easy to resolve. For almost all the computer problem can be found on the internet. Here I just take my windows data recovery experience, show you how I do it.

Yesterday, when I open my computer, my system stay over in the welcome window, I restarted it, nothing changed. I had never came across such things before, so I came to use my brother’s computer to find what happen on my computer.  There are many versions, the closest is the my computer infected with virus. Re-install system always the usefull method to solve the computer software problem, but I couldn’t do it on my computer, for my important files in the computer will lose.

Here is a way to reboot computer, that is reboot it from safe mode. Reboot system and go to the Advanced Options menu . Choose Safe Mode and press Enter. Windows starting in Safe Mode automatically skips loading programs and hardware components and displays very primitive graphics. In 99% of the cases, it’ll fix the problem. However, I even couldn’t enter the safe mode. I thought I have nothing to do but re-install system. Before did it, I needed to save my important files.

Therefore,  I searched on the internet, if there was a way can help windows data recovery .The fact was that it had, and not a few. At last, I chose a tool called Tenorshare Data Recovery, it had good evaluation online. I downloded it in my brother’s computer, and burn it into my pen drive, then put into my computer. It needed boot from the USB Flash, so first we need the BIOS setting. Then reboot system again, it enter the WinPE windows, I could see the software running. My files saved in disc C, I backup it to the disc D. At last, I reinstall my windows. When the system repaired done, all returned normal, and I files kept up.

Maybe I couldn’t restore my windows was not so perfect, but I not lost my important file at least. Thanks to this windows data recovery software, reduced my loss. The most important, I hope my experience can encourage the people who have never think can solve computer problem to repair their computer by themselves one day.