CF Card Recovery
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You know, the world we live exists beauty everywhere. Sometimes, I like to keep up this beautiful scenery with my canon 7D, and more and more photos in my digital camera that I have to buy a 32GB Q-memory Compact Flash card. Appreciate the photo in the camera from time to time has been one of my hobby. I treasure these photos.

However, one day my best friend Caroline borrowed my camera. When she returned it to me, I was surprised to find all the photos in my camera were gone! Caroline was frightened, she thought I had backup my photos on the computer that after using the camera, she put all the photos to her computer, and deleted the photos didn’t belong to her. It made my heart ache. Caroline blamed herself ceaselessly, I knew what we need to do is find if someone have the skill of cf card recovery that can help us.

We called all the people that we thought can do help, and luckily one of Caroline’s friend just work at a data recovery serive. We took the camera to the data serive where her friend David worked immediately. And David told us it was so luck that after deleteing the photos we did not write more further data, otherwise, some photos may lose forever. He said the only way to recover the photo by far is use recovery software. Then David took out my cf card and connected in the computer with a card reader, open a cf card recovery software called Tenorshare Data Recovery, then select the “Deleted Recovery”, scan the cf card, we surprised to see all the photos include me and Caroline in the list. David selected the photos belong to me, then click “Recover”, all my photos back!

From that time onwards, I will backup my photos on my computer, although cf card can recover with a software, if one day I lose my cf card, where can I get it back? Here, I suggest people who love take photos also should backup your digital camera’s photos from time to time to avoid happen such thing as mine.