Note shooting location wedding photo
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When wedding photographs, often very attention to makeup, wedding, backdrops while ignoring the weather factor. Whether indoors or outdoors, the weather is good or bad on the wedding into a film plays a vital role yo! Unless you are shooting in a closed space within the wedding, otherwise they must pay attention to the weather!

Want to shoot the perfect wedding location, the new addition to considering the wedding dress, makeup, photographers, and many other factors, the weather can not be ignored.

Sunny location wedding photography, a good day, plenty of light, pleasure to shoot good photos of an important guarantee. However, it is not in a sunny day can easily shoot a good wedding photos to come, of which there are a lot of stress. Sunny days when direct sunlight is strong, strong sunlight portrait photography is difficult, so in time the general choice of the position of the sun is relatively low, the light is not very strong. The sun dipped when the brightness and superb unlike prone to unsightly shadows under the noon sun.

For this reason, relative to the strong sunlight sunny, cloudy is the weather more appropriate portraits. Can achieve the soft light reflection by the light of the degree of subject even better cloudy, and cloudy all day to shoot, rather than suffer the interference of the strong sun light.