Windows Password Reset Disk Help You Reset Windows 7 Password Easily
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Last week, I forgot my windows 7 password accidentally. I am somewhat worry and search “reset windows 7 password” on Google. Happily, I found that we can get windows 7 password reset if we have created windows password reset disk before we lost or forgot windows 7 password. This is good news because I had windows password reset disk when I created windows 7 password. Otherwise, I will have to use third party software such as Windows Password Recovery Tool.

Here is steps to reset windows 7 password with windows password reset disk.(I searched on the Internet and found that it really helped)

Step 1: If you enter the wrong password when you attempt to log on, Windows will display a message that the password is incorrect. Click OK to close the message box.
Step 2: Click “Reset Windows Password”, and then insert Windows password reset disk (or other removable media).
Step 3: Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.
Step 4: Log on with the new password.

Well done! I have successfully reseted windows 7 password. I can log on system with the new passwords now. This gives us a lesson. When set a windows 7 password, we should create windows password reset disk at the same time.
At last, I want to notice that the windows password reset disk must be created before you have lost or forgotten the login password. If you did not create one in advance, unfortunately, it would be helpless. Besides, a password reset disk can only be created for local user accounts. If your computer is on a domain, only a system administrator can reset your domain password. Don’t forget to keep the windows password reset disk in a safe place in case of others’ access your computer.