Daxinganling jump the queue before the time in Inner Mongolia
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I am a little disappointed, thought that at least they have to get the double-barrel shotgun, this gun to shoot birds with similar toys, but took a look and found that really a good gun, very well maintained, and moncler not the ordinary small-caliber , you can hit the ball number, long range, frame stable enough to sink enough, let alone shoot birds, and fight wolves no problem, the only drawback is that a single hair, each firing, the need to re-filling.
Now is better moncler donna than nothing, and sometimes also in the vicinity can not get better guns, so I threw the gun fat, so fat familiarize yourself with the gun, “Sword Wei” being used to belong to him.
I thanked boss, three-night inn to spend the night in the clouds. The night I slept like a real fat, nothing like,moncler uomo the working class along the way to run around completely put aside. Is really a world wide open feel, until the next day Rishangsangan, Shirley Young called us up and tugging at the ear, only reluctantly get up.
Traders who have an early tea to do business their way, and we wash, and found ready boss has given us a lot piumini moncler of dry food, as well as pest control for herbs, letting us lead the way to the Peacock, brought us to cover the Longshan under the hole, there is not a small piece of bamboo, you can tie a bamboo cutting a few Otake.
We again thank the boss, with a guy into the woods behind the inn clouds. This is the main tree species in the moncler outlet vicinity of hair leaves Hopea ① majority, followed by fragrant fruit trees and large rhododendrons, also a small amount of silver Prunus, only one lower than the flat growth of a pit Cuise soak into the depths of the Otake, into the water also cover the Longshan far from here.
I do understand the place, put the peacock sent home, so her sister-in-law at home and so was anxious. moncler it Fat man asked me: “Hu said, let this little Mei to guide how we do, she can sing and dance, the way we are not lonely.”
I say forget it for fat, which we are not going sightseeing, and I kind of premonition that this will not be too smooth, always felt that insects hidden valley of offering what the tomb of great danger, will inevitably have some big moves, not to mention this little girl, unless the wizard is for, we were never moncler sito ufficiale without, some skin map reference is sufficient, but more people to trouble.
Fat man nodded and said: “is justified, do not let that old Xian Wang Mei small dumplings scared, but also an outsider, is not easy to pick up the Burial Only we three, then toss it opened, as early as possible of this major event, but then again we play on a good return to Yunnan. ”
Shirley Young and the fat man said to me: “the clouds getting thicker, afraid to change of weather, and we row fast hands tie it, for in time for the rain move mountains.”
The moment we do not Duodan, I fat carrying machetes, felling of bamboo look for hypertrophy, Shirley Young is responsible for a knife to cut off the branches of bamboo, the three division of labor, progress was fast.
Daxinganling jump the queue before the time in Inner Mongolia, and the fat I have helped work in the forest, no roads and cars can transport logs, are a root into the river downstream to the upstream and downstream. Some waterways in Fujianaspect, inaccessible place, but also put the row, so these activities for us is not new.
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References:Boss to help her move things for us are very grateful