God was asleep
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Two daughters went to bed.5-year-old Gilda, Anna Maria 3 years old.Two small bed next to.The time has come to tn sleep, but they also want to say something, wanted to tell the other day and encountered nothing new to hear.
Gilda: “Sister, sleep, God has lay down.”
Anna Maria: “He is not sleeping in bed, sleep in heaven.”
Gilda: “No! He slept on the cross!”
Then the little girl who tn requin would be finished, and then they sneak into the cool night gently, like two carefree fish swim into calm waters.They just came to this diverse complex world, it is not always understand the risk of danger, I do not know at any time he went to the front of a hungry wolf.
I am not sure they nike tn were not dreaming.They may roam is a foreign country, and perhaps are watching their origins, re-born before they see.Yes, ah, with age, with the mind becomes evil, we have forgotten childish period of innocence, and they were close with.After a day playing, they are tired, they tn pas cher get down to sleep, temporarily into the arms of death.How two small creatures to sleep soundly ... frankly do not know how similar they are, do not worry about the dangers and four volts across the trap.In their view, every day life is joy.Although beginning to realize that good and evil, bound to be happy or shortcoming, but this is far from sorted out the obligations and pain compared to adults.
They are asleep?One chaussures tn only needs to listen to their symmetry breathing, see them occasionally in a small bed, turn over, people will no doubt feel their own safety, they believe everything will wake up tomorrow morning as usual: the pro-people’s face, the location and air max upcoming toysa new day - that day full of new ideas naturally.
However, those who heard them before Zhefan He Shangyan talk about God, fell asleep, all consumers will sleep, for nike shox hours tossing and turning, emotionally hard.Age of the lost soul of innocence, was overwhelmed by the chaos of life, it is difficult to put the soul temporarily handed the hands of death.He heard the children on the bed, the sky is still controversy on the cross, knowing that they are entirely consistent on this point: “God was asleep.” As for God, where air max tn is the two little girl did not know but they did not hesitateaffirm that God was asleep, there is no night watchman, let the world go its own way.
The adult bed.Children’s views coincide with his doubts.Since the feeling of loneliness on earth, he began to have such doubts.
A long time ago, because adults have the courage to deny the existence of God Almighty and start thinking: God seems to sleep.Look nike store at what is happening around it: human desperation to alarming proportions, the cold and hate each other so candid relationships gone.If God is not asleep, he would not stand idly by, silent.
God probably really asleep, probably really sunk in sleep, despite the harm to each other everything - their suffering, and suffering for the same manufacture.
How innocent: “God on the cross and fell asleep.” Adults already aware of this, so the children hear these words from his mouth that came out, were very surprised.If God is not asleep, then all our eyes on the ridiculous: people not understanding each other, all kinds of evil are endless.The mysteries of the modern world is that God sin to sleep - two children out of the essence of the topic, enough to make people uneasy overnight, a long time to think.