Clever fox
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Fox lives in the mountains. It pushed hard for a living all day bustle, but effective and unsatisfactory, it is often hungry, cold. It is often in danger. One day, the farmer’s fox stole a chicken, just a big yellow dog was found, the big yellow dog rushed over, Fox desperately to escape, was almost lost his life.

It is the envy of livestock are a regular and calm life of ease. When finished cattle farming fields and returned to the bullpen, where a master of fine feed is ready, you can slowly enjoy; the dog is responsible for home-care hospital, three meals a day well fed, and sometimes also eat bones; cat catch mice as a snack, very cool, the fish will be the master award. They too happy.

Fox is not convinced. It is not that their natural conditions than cattle, dogs, cats difference, however, why their living conditions far better than them. Think of it, it upset.

Fox on the cattle, said: “Let a comparison, in the end to see who is smart.” Niu said: “Of course you smart in the animal world, you are recognized as intelligent animals, and I humbled Yeah.”

Fox said to the dog: “Let a comparison to see who looks more beautiful number.” The dog said: “Of course you looks more beautiful and I feel ugly, a fraction of you.”

Fox told the cat: “than smart, who is superior?” Said the Cat: “You are the acknowledged animal Le Gavroche, I love to sleep, you need to learn is.”

Fox thought that since I am better than cattle, dogs, cats better, farmers will certainly look highly at me, perhaps I, when their chieftains. Thus, it Pompous farmers to find a job, want to be good employees.

Farmers, said: “I ??am here to work all the animals, a work can be competent for example, cattle force, to till the fields; dog alert to home-care hospital; cats catching mice stunt ... you talk about, can you do? “

Fox had an idea, said: I can be a fox.

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