11.6 netbook is a good choice for me to choose
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From my point of view, the 11.6 netbook is the most great invention in our world. And I am keen on it. If you ask my why I love the mini netbook so much, I can not explain to you that why I have a certain feeling in it. Prehaps cause I like to use it to listen some music.
You know, as a college student,I am also a super fan for music. Cause I think music has the strong power to accommodate human tempers such as sad and happiness.Therefore,every morning I will choose to use my samsung n110 netbook to search some music on line . To be honest ,my faviourate band is Linkin park.And almost all my classmates like this great band . And I presume that is the key reason why I can make some chums in my class.In this situation, you can say that my hobby is use my notebook to download some music.

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I am completely satisfied with you. I have also took many advantages form this book.