Video Converter is out? You believe it?
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I guess I am not sensitive for tech app area, but the most ridiculous topic I have heard about recently in the flight deck with the guy next to me. He claimed that video converter is useless and the video streaming tools have largely replaced video converter as a means of video watching. Hold on, yep, I have known some apps like air video, VideoStream, sth like this could stream video from desktop at home to iOS device, so that mean video converter is already out? I don’t believe it, just like women still like shopping on the mall rather than online shopping, right?

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Well, If you want to watch movies comfortably in your bed with your idevices, the video streaming tools are really a nice choice. Those apps could save u lots of lengthy movie converting time. Users may heard of some tools like air video, VideoStream, but I’ve found a free app released on app store recently
I believe it is a free alternative to Air Video (although there is also a free trial version for Air Video, but the limits of the trial version are the number of displayed items in each folder) These types of apps both are perfect for the iPhone and allow you to use a 16GB iPhone with limitless harddrive at home.
BTW, I don’t think that the video conversion software would be totally replaced, cauz we could use the conversion software for a long time with once time payment while using wifi,3G certainly cost us a lot of money.

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I still use video converter now, and I don’t believe the streaming video tool could totally replace video converter, cloud computing is unnecessary for me, just get access my PC for myself!

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Video streaming tools are more effective than video converter and I am sure that they would be out.