Infrastructure in Kerala
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Kerala is today one of the most sought after and happening IT destinations in India. For the development of infrastructure in more than 10 IT parks across the state, the government has planned to invest nearly Rs10,000 crores during the coming years. Technological and man power advantages have been helping Kerala to develop faster. Given its large number of educated youth, the IT revolution will provide tremendous opportunities for Kerala. The industry in Kerala is rising fast and steady due to its excellent IT infrastructure, definitive cost advantages, highly skilled IT personnel etc.

Kerala is an ideal IT destination due to its 15 Gbps data connectivity, OFC backbone in the state, 100% of 988 telephone exchanges digital, 98% of telephone exchange connected by OFC, the National Internal Backbone(NIB), Reliance, Bharti and Asianet laying OFCs across the state, high telephone density-10.58 per 100 which is double the national average, high speed international submarine cable landings, E-governance network which is implemented across the state, low in cost of operations, high in HR and quality of life and topmost in Law and Order. Kerala is also blessed with lowest attrition rate in the industry, 25,000 engineering graduates and 150,000 graduates, rated first in law and order, best in health care, education, women empowerment and basic infrastructure, in-campus satellite earth station in technology parks, 3 airports with operating international flights, a container port with most modern facilities, wide network of roads and railways, highest literacy rate in the country and several reputed universities and technical institutes.

All these advantages have greatly increased the prices of real estate in Kerala. People, especially the NRIs, are greatly interested in investing in Kerala.