A Special Forecast on the Job Market for 2011 By Cegonsoft
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Recession has exhibited its bad effects and spew its bad air in almost all parts of the world. Developed and developing countries huge economical loss in terms of GDP, export, import and returns from the most sought over stalwarts. Supreme powers like United States and United Kingdom have withdrawn umpteen projects and left the developing countries with less or no FDI for a while. There are several beliefs that the pace of recession has decelerated and the prosperous IT market has started showing its ripple effect on the related markets. Perhaps, what is the proof?

Expert economists from National Association of Business Economics come up with the news that the economy in United States has started functioning in favor of the country. The market has uninitiated to tune itself bullish. Gearing up has already initiated and a steady pace is expected in a short while. The recovery has radiated the countries with positive energy. Therefore the job market in US is likely to accelerate as a result of the best performing real estate, retail, IT and several other markets. The rate of unemployment is expected to decelerate and job market is expected to flourish.

Since the supreme power, United States is back on track, the other countries are enjoying the ripple effect as well. As the saying goes “A rising tide lifts all boats”, now that United States is back in form, the dependant countries like India, Singapore, Philippines, China, Japan and several other nations will enjoy the escalation in standard of living, job market, GDP and the whole economy will flourish just unimaginably. A stupendous job market is on its way very much. Fields such as real estate, automobile and other service industries are most likely turn to turn in favor of the country. Lynn Reaser, the Point Loma Nazarene

University’s Chief Economist has given assurance that the purchasing capacity is heading towards steady appreciation. This will in return lower the state of unemployment and poor standard of living in United States and other countries that rely on US. As such unemployment in US alone will be brought down close to 8.5 from 9.4 percentage by the end of 2011.

However the latest news is that more than in United States, Australia and Dubai are facing tremendous improvements in job market. Is not that great to hear? Diaspora has assumed an extremely different angle. The direction is tuned towards these countries. Well, India and China are not less as well. These countries are listed as one of the fast growing economies. A wise proportion of hard and smart work is springing in these countries. Developed countries are very willingly throwing in investments with these countries.