A Report from Gartner Research Group Published By Cegonsoft
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A Report from Gartner Research Group Published By Cegonsoft

A well-known research group Gartner has given an ac-count that the Indian domestic IT services market is expected to be worth nearly USD 14 billion in the next four years. India’s IT market is expected to appreciate by 16 per cent of Growth Rate by 2014. Then the mar-ket rate would be somewhere close to 13.6 US billion whereas in 2009, the market rate was only 9 US billion dollars. This would pave way for umpteen jobs in India.

Candidates are already enjoying a flourishing job market. However the job market is expected to turn even more prosperous according to experts.

Expert’s Add

Senior Research Analyst at Gartner, Mr. Arup Roy informed to the press that IT market in India will be driven high during government investment in e-governance and e-governance activities has already initiated. Additionally, investment in defense service is also likely to positively influence the IT market in India.

IT Sector to Amplify it’s Recruitment

IT industry is pressurized to expand Human Resource in organizations. Due to over-whelming flow of projects from foreign countries, IT stalwarts are technically forced to widen the territory just in order to meet the demand. It is likely to add 1.5 lakh recruits, nearly three times more than the last year’s number of 50,000 to 60,000.
Also as the recruitment in IT industry has escalated, the prosperous IT market with lift boats in sectors such as real estate, construction and travel.

Expert’s Add

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at Infosys Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan, said “Though the global economy is in recovery mode, some also believe there is the prospect of double-dip depression. While busi-ness spend is higher now, government spending is lower. This may take 3-5 years for total recovery,”