Make a powerful statement to visitors for exactly this performance stage
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Wherever a crowd gathers, more tend to flock and the group will snowball. That’s excellent for School Stages marketing your trade show displays and getting people to come visit, but having a physically packed unit isn’t a good idea. People may want to see what’s going on, but they will turn away if they have to press past others just to get inside. You should aim to have your School Stages be crowded, but never so crowded that it’s impossible to navigate. To help achieve this, ensure that your portable displays utilize podiums or banners in the middle of the booth area with a lot of care and attention given to placement. Don’t include them simply because you feel the space shouldn’t be empty. If you do choose to include Performance Stages, ensure that they are large enough that people will see them and be able to comfortably maneuver around. Make the units substantially taller than the crowd whenever possible so that even people who can’t get close to the Performance Stage itself can still understand what’s being presented.