Over time, stresses can compromise the fit of leg on the stages
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Today, I love the thought of the peak, is climbing the rocky path, but I do not know what I have reached the location of the. As we stand on the foot, looking dignified and high above the image of that time, in our portable stages will fear generated a sense of longing for the same time create a sense of curiosity; when we climbed the hillside, the hill or mountain, but we do not have a sense of fear and will emerge a kind of high-spirited passion; when we climbed the hill, achieve a heart spaciousness, mountain does not exist, and the world in order to empty territory. You are in this stages dancer, or a planner, or concurrently to the. Now, some people advocate the professional, was the promotion of portable stage, we have been fooled by one lie, a loss in violation of the nature

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