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A few days ago I downloaded a free game King Strike Arena for the iPhone. AI is already bored, I want to play with people in multiplayer. Join in there.

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This game actually quite boring from the beggining:)))

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I agree with you it’s boring . I like to play Mario that is fantastic game.

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ts a little unfair to draw an ambiguous line between broken multiplayer and more players = the problem. The actual problem is the way the game is designed that doesn’t properly facilitate 18 players and SOMEHOW managed to have worse netcode than avp2. The developers might as well of sabotaged multiplayer themselves because the ???? job they did is basically the same thing.

In short its the difference between the elevator being DESIGNED to support only 4 people vs the elevator being deisgned so poorly that it can ONLY support 4 people, when it could technically support many more if they bothered to build it right.
AVP is the later issue.

In short this game is a “consolized pos” in its purest form, all the way from the crap mechanics to shoddy multiplayer the game might as well scream “cheap date”.

Problem is when I bought the game it was anything but cheap
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