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Few shows on television have so far surpassed that from which they were spun off, while at the same time rendering that statement so meaningless. The City dvd, Whitney Port‘s break from The Hills to New York City follows the young starlet as she tries to become a designer while working for Kelly Cutrone at People’s Revolution, a company that does something very stressful, but hard to describe.

Due to some manner of superficial contact, we also follow Olivia at Elle magazine, mainly because such shows are as nothing without someone to hate, and MTV and Elle worked out some sort of deal where they would say each other’s names a lot.

From a show that perfected blank stares as dialog, and in the end rather boldly admitted that it was all scripted nonsense (thanks for watching, suckers), to a show that throws unscriptable people under its wheels, The City dvd pulls us in by way of the interest in collateral damage… let’s say. As much as Whitney’s pained sighs and expressionless air fascinate the inner anthropologist in all of us, and though there is some cliffhanger appeal to the idea that at any moment some insight may be revealed as to what the hell it is she does that somehow constitutes “a job,” it’s the people on the fringes of the inner focus that keep people watching.