Harry Potter topless and kissing?
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Anyone seen the new Harry Potter yet? I’ve being overwhelmed by all the headlines about what’s going on in the new movie, but.. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!! I’m a huge HP fan, and currently done re-reading book number 7, but… I don’t need any spoilers, mmkay? Who’s with me?

Until I’ll step foot into that cinema, I just keep myself busy by looking around for HP stuff.. (not stuff with those annoying HP cartoons drawn on it). Found two things that might be interesting for other fans too. WANT: [youtube]http://www.miniinthebox.com/magic-wooden-box-with-extra-secure-secret-drawer_p75569.html?utm_campaign=frmkt[/youtube] with a nifty, magical opening system (for only $4.59!), and of course… [gearlive]http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/e625?utm_campaign=frmkt[/gearlive] (for $22.99)!! OMGHOWCOOL! Any other HP fans around?