Indigo Children
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Indigo Children are children who show a set of new and remarkable psychology attitudes formed into a pattern which rarely occurs in other children. The pattern commonly requires other people to change on how they interact with the children especially on how the parents nurture their indigo child in order to gain balance. Indigo Children are unique children thus when people ignore to do what they ought to do then the children will feel rejected and continually feel frustrated.

Nowadays, many children can be classified as Indigo Children or what American scientists call as “Children of the Sun” or “Millennium Children”. They say that more than 90% percents of total children in the world are born as indigo children though not all of them are able to grow as indigo adult. These children are identified through their unique characteristics. They are smart and creative but difficult to follow the existing rules and system. Unfortunately, they often are misdiagnosed as an ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) patient.

Physically and emotionally they are very sensitive. In one condition they can grow as a person who has big empathy and caring to people though in other condition they can grow as an antipathy person. Indigo child usually can easily get angry as a way to express their need to be accepted and recognized. In most cases, indigo children also intend to feel depress in young age if they can not find the answer why they were born or if they can not do anything necessary to change the world.

Another characteristic of indigo children are their IQ (Intelligence Quotient) score of more than 120. Commonly believed, indigo children also have supernatural ability but once again it is also common that they have problem with education system in school.