Medium Season 6 DVD Boxset review
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Medium was initially based on the experiences of medium Allison DuBois, who claims she has worked with law enforcement agencies

across the country in criminal investigations. Its lead character in Medium is Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette), a medium who

works as a consultant for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney’s office. Some people do not realize that this show is based

about a real life woman. Despite the otherworldly conceit, it is a stylish, well-made crime show that is suspenseful but not scary

enough to disturb sleep. The dream sequences and eerie appearances of dead people are well wrought, and the plots are interesting.

I have to commend the producers of the show in making paranormal into something believable. In spite of her strengths, Allison

also showed a natural reaction to being odd/different. I also appreciated her frustration when she felt that what she was trying

to do was for nothing. “Medium” is not “The Twilight Zone” or even “The X-Files.” It is a conventional police drama with an

unconventional twist. Yet the most innovative aspect of the show is not its reliance on extrasensory sleuthing, but the selection

of an atypical actress to star in a new drama. Never miss it!!

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