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Burn Notice is the coolest show on TV since the first episodes of Alias. It reveals if a spy is dismissed, he will not receive the walking paper from the Human Resource Department, but a “burn notice”. Michael Westen played by Jeffrey Donovan is such an unemployed spy.. Staying in his hometown Miami, without any money, Michael is always on guard against the person who want to kill him. He want to find out this person and get back to his original spy life.
  While Michael is not a person alone in the combat. His sturdy ex-girlfriend Fiona played by Gabrielle Anwar is a firearms and explosion expert,as well as a sexy beauty. His old friend Sam plyed by Bruce Campbell is a military intelligence officers in the past. His motherMadeline,Emmy winner Sharon Gless, is a little mad and depressed. But she has never stopped her support toward s Michael. All these people stand his back and fight with him together.

  In the process of rectifing his name, Michael has never forgotten to use his time to learn spy skills and help the innocent people out the trouble. Thus, in Miami, it is easy to see Michael shotting in homes battle or playing car chasing and running in the street,blasting out in the marketplace. He lend his hand to people and ask nothing in return. His spirit of selflessness has been carried forward to the extreme.
  Burn Notice is the mixture of blue sea and sky,beach beauty, excitement and humor.

Burn Notice Seasons 1-3 DVD


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It’s really nice, I like you thread with wonderful info of burn notice. I love to thrill and spy TV shows.